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Metro Redux

Metro Redux is a big overhaul of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light that includes significant visual and gameplay upgrades for a more uniform experience across both games.

  • Scary 76%
  • Jump 67%
  • Score 84%

Metro: Last Light

The sequel to the underground hit Metro 2033. Set in Moscow in the year 2034, the player will be caught between warring factions vying for a doomsday device.

  • Scary 56%
  • Jump 35%
  • Score 82%

Don't Starve

A roguelike exploration/survival game from the creators of Shank and Mark of the Ninja.

  • Scary 12%
  • Jump 7%
  • Score 79%

Resident Evil 6

The technically eighth entry in the popular horror series features the return of leading protagonists Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield, along with new character Jake Muller, to combat against the latest B.O.W. manufacturer Neo-Umbrella.

  • Scary 27%
  • Jump 30%
  • Score 67%

Dragon's Dogma

Capcom makes an ambitious undertaking with this 2012 Open World Action-RPG.

  • Scary 15%
  • Jump 15%
  • Score 0%


A little boy seeks to rescue his lost sister from a dreary, dangerous world in this puzzle-platformer that kicked off the Summer of Arcade in 2010.

  • Scary 39%
  • Jump 10%
  • Score 88%

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Very spooky. Great mechanics.

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Absolutely horrifying game and a nod to Lovecraftian horror. Wish more similar games came out.

  • Scary

  • Jump

  • Score

You'll never know

Too spooky for you.

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