Discussions about previously announced games that are not released yet.
By MichaelMorin

So first of all this is indeed a very long wall of text but I want to break down a few things and these are just my thoughts about horror games, you know how Resident evil (for a while), Silent Hill, Dead space, The last of us and more recently Evil Within favoured 3rd person perspective?

3rd Person all while can get you some times isn't really that scary, I have heard countless people talk about this and I am inclined to agree, atmosphere helps yes and jump-scares are actually somewhat cheap which I can admit but if you really think about it since when does scaring someone have to be based around some made-up character the stories are nice which I'll admit and it's also what makes the games more enjoyable to play in the first place, I will say though how the hell do you want to make the player relate to the main character? I am pretty sure you can tell that most normal people don't carry around weapons killing bad guys or at least not at first.

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