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you can do if you have the expertise and Arm Up System knowledge to stitch together the perfect workout. But what if you don't want to deal with all that complexity, and would rather get a full body workout with the fewest moves possible? How can you stitch together the best combo that targets the greatest number of muscles with the fewest moves? These three exercises will help you target over 300 muscles, and can easily form the core of any workout, whether in the gym or on the go.

There is no exercise so complete and awesome as the squat. You can judge how serious any gym's clientele is by how busy their power cages are. If they're packed with monsters going at, you're in a hardcore gym. If they're abandoned? Poser gym. The squat will work the greatest muscles in your body, from your quads and glutes to your calves and core. It calls into play all your stabilizer muscles, and revs up your entire metabolism. In short, it's awesome, and its why it heads this list of exercises.

When on the go, perform the squat by placing your feet shoulder width apart, and lace your fingers behind your head. Making sure to not let your knees drift over your toes, and keeping your eyes set on a spot on the ground some ten yards before you, lower down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. You should feel your hamstrings stretch out if you're doing it right.

Your back should be straight, your chest out. Then stand back up. Do a number of these, going for depth, control and perfect form to get the maximum burn. If you can, throw on some weight with either a backpack, dumbbells or a barbell.Dive Bomber Pushup Having torched your lower body with the squat, it's time to work the upper body. This variation on the classic pushup will engage your shoulders in a way that the classic variation doesn't, as well as pulling in muscles from your back and a wide range from your pecs.
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