21 September 2015

Not only does this game make a lot of the scariest games of all time lists but has been considered for the best games of all time - that is a heck of a reputation for a game. Resident Evil 4 took fans by storm on its debut as a terrifying, intense and masterful example of what the survival horror genre used to be all about.


Resident Evil 4


One thing that really really needs to be complimented up front is the sound design. Who knew it was possible to emulate fear via pure sound? The drawling, quietly shrieking music for each area, monster and boss is something of legend. The sound designer deserves accolades left and right: the music, sound effects and attention to detail all help this game trot right into our nightmares.

What can't be said about Resident Evil 4? It is terrifying - a veritable work of art when it comes to horror games. It is an example for anyone looking to get into horror games, whether you want to make them or just become a fan.

The controls are spot on. Everything feels like it has a weight and flow to it as you move. Firing guns and wielding your blade puts you into the action and spreads the panic and adrenaline straight into the player.

As well as the sound design, the graphics are ones that work entirely to the advantage of Resident Evil 4. The colorless, joyless, grainy design feeds right into the hopelessness and despair of the game. Dreary grays, blacks, beiges and neutral colors play to the strengths both of the game and of the limited graphics of the Playstation 2 and the Gamecube.

In short, if you somehow have never played this game, you need to.

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