We strongly advise you to play the game before reading this review, you can now pick it up on Steam and experience the story yourself. There are heavy spoilers ahead. Enjoy.



 When Gray Dawn starts, you learn through the radio news that children have been dying while under Father Abraham's care and that he is being investigated for it. Other priests say that Abraham is the devil and that he is to blame for what happened.

 Soon you'll learn about Abraham's sins such as the love affair he had with a woman. After he told her that what they were doing was immoral and that he wouldn't speak to her anymore she told him that, if he did not impregnate her, she'd tell everyone about his dark past. But after one last failed try to reconcile with him she killed herself.

 The further you explore the more you realize that Father Abraham is in some sort of Limbo and that he has to repent for all that he has done.

 From all the children, David was the one that haunted Abraham the most. Even after saving all the other 7 kids that had died of cholera he still couldn't find peace.

 It's not long until you discover that it was Abraham who killed David. The child ran away from home and was walking in the street at night when Abraham hit him with his car. Even if by accident he still blamed himself for it and in his grief he commited one of his gravest sins. Hoping that one day he'd be able to bring him back, he kept the boy's body in a tub with ice to keep him from "turning to dust", thus refusing him a proper burial.

 In the end Abraham commits one last sin and hangs himself because he couldn't bring back David and his grief was to unbearable.

Visuals and performance

 Gray dawn looks beautiful, you can expect plenty of religious refrences and easter eggs scattered through the world. The levels are beautiful and even background and paths that you can't access are filled with details and structures.

 The game also performed very well with stable fps and no stutters or crashes during the gameplay.


 Gray Dawn's gameplay is as you expect. Solve puzzles, search for items and interact with the world. You should be familiar with it's controls and mechanics.
 But just because you're used to it don't think that you won't get scared, in my playtime I got startled at least a couple of times with the well placed jumpscares.

Final thoughts

 Gray Dawn was a very good horror game that deserves praise.

 It's narrative was well developed and delivered. You can tell that every single book page and symbol was researched and made sure to fit the story and have some sort of meaning behind it.

 Questions such as "Why does God allow children to die?" are raised. You witness David's grieving mother caressing him one last time before his casket is closed and you see Father Abraham consuming himself because of what had happened.

 I'm glad I got to play Gray Dawn and I can't wait to see what else will come from the Interactive Stone studio.

Gray Dawn

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  • What's Good

  • Creepy setting
  • Mysterious and thrilling story
  • What's Bad

  • You may miss some story key points if you don't know much about Christianity
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