Your name is Dean Catrall, you're an agent that has been drugged and taken to an unknown location by the criminal that killed your daughter. As you explore you learn through notes that your partner has also been kidnapped so you set to journey to find him and try to escape.



 You'll soon realize that the powerful drug that you took is causing you to blackout and have horrifying nightmares. Some of them regard the danger you've put yourself and your family in because you couldn't let go of the investigation.



Some of these nightmares will give you slight hints to Dean's psyche but, even in these nightmares, a shadow figure is always near or around the corner.



Visuals and performance

 Deluded Mind looks amazing for an indie title. I was not expecting this graphic and sound quality.  



The visuals are dark and the game keeps itself quiet with only your footsteps and the noises of children laughing and doors closing behind you making you company. You never know when you'll get jump scared, sometimes the tension is built so high and you just wake up from another nightmare.


 The game also performs very well, but I'd like to have seen some options to change the refresh rate on the menu. Even though sometimes the game is very dark, you can easily access the gamma value on the graphics menu (I kept my gamma at 3.5 the whole campaign).




 In terms of gameplay, Deluded Mind is as you expect. You navigate creepy dark corridors searching for items such as keycards, keys, and toys. Sometimes it's mandatory that you read the notes because some codes are hidden in their text.



I felt like the game worked better in segments that had you progress through more obvious paths and not search for items. Sometimes these item hunts became frustrating and cut the atmosphere of the game. It went from me being scared to sprinting around the map looking at the floor searching for a set of keys or a keycard, but these are minor problems, once the user guides and walkthroughs come out it'll be easier to find your way around.

 Sometimes, you'll navigate the map having only a flashlight or a camera flash to light your way (these moments cranked up the scary factor to 11).




 Deluded Mind did not show it's potential in the first half hour. The game starts slow, but when nightmare sections begin, you'll play one of the best horror games that I've seen this year.



You can tell that the Pyxton Studios team loved what they were doing and fully dedicated themselves to this project.



Remarkable Moments

 You'll eventually come across a stage very similar to the canceled Silent Hill game P.T. this is by far one of the most unnerving and terrifying sequences in the whole game. I've always wondered what P.T. would have been like if it hadn't been canceled. I believe that this is as close as we'll ever get to it.



Final thoughts

 When I started playing Deluded Mind I did not expect the game to be this scary and good. The jump scares were perfectly placed and every little sound worked well towards keeping you on edge.

 I'm glad that I got to play this game and I bet that Pyxton Studios will surprise us again with another fantastic title.


Deluded Mind

Our Score


  • What's Good

  • 3h length
  • Atmosphere
  • Visuals
  • What's Bad

  • Item hunt becomes frustrating
  • Some puzzles are a bit convoluted
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